Sep 082016

Hey there everyone and welcome back to your Wednesday “Hump Day” big boobs bump of the week. This time around we have a gorgeous and super sexy big busted babe (when is that ever NOT the case?) in the lovely 32FF Katarina Angel who flutters our big boob loving hearts once again with this awesome 5D masterpiece. We love the 5D camera because it gives that awesome cinematic look that looks considerably different from the regular video cameras, what with the soft depth-of-field at all. But camera quality aside, the bottom line is that we have a sexy big breasted babe who really knows how to play with her big tits and Katarina is like a gift from the heavens in that regard. Watching her rub oil all over these big beautiful titties of hers is like watching the sun rise on a glorious morning, because Katarina is damn glorious herself!