Dec 102018

Harriet Padded (Ami Mercury) is still having trouble with spells. We all know what happens whenever she does magic: somebody (usually her) gets diapered!. So she asks her friend Panty Parkinson (Camille Black) to help her study. Harriet wants to try a spell that will banish diapers from her life, for good. Panty, knowing Harriet is on the verge of being expelled, is happy to help. She tells her to yell out the words “Avada Kadiaper” to get rid of them. But, as usual, something goes wrong. The diaper they were trying to banish starts to grow larger, instead! The diaper keeps on growing until it’s bigger than both of them. Harriet and Panty scream as the diaper widens and devours them whole! When they wake up they are both still in their dorm room -it seems the creature didn’t eat them after all… But it did leave them both in big, puffy diapers! Panty is so embarrassed. Harriet tries to apologize, but stops mid-sentence as she loses control of her bladder. Panty’s eyes widen as she realizes she’s filling her own diaper, as well. They just can’t stop wetting! Guess they’ll have to go the professors again to fix this problem.


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