Sep 162016

Your stepson is sitting on the couch without pants stroking off. His father will be home shortly and he’ll need to wait until later or just take care of it by himself. He strokes to your butt as you stand there. You start getting more turned on and talk about how he helped pick out these panties for you, how you like wearing them around the house. You remove your dress and you sit back on his cock and start giving him a slow, grinding lap dance. You pick up your phone to make a call telling your husband to “stop at the store on the way back” to pick up some things for dinner even as you’re still grinding in his lap. The camera follows you at butt level of course as you walk to the bedroom. He’s lying on the bed and you tell him, “I know how to get you off”. You then take off your panties, open a drawer and pull out a different pair to put on, telling him you know he loves how your butt looks in these and how hot you feel knowing you can make him cum so fast when wearing them. Pull the black panties aside and ride him in reverse cowgirl until he is ready to cum all over mommy’s panties! The end. Please make sure “your son” doesn’t speak during the video. Thank you!