Oct 142017


Dressed in my leatherskirt, chinchilla fur and dimarni open redlack high heels I go to My bootclosed to find a paire of boots for my outfit but it’s such a mess, that when I need paire, I dont find it, and take them all out of the closet and order my slave to come! It’s all recorded in ‘POV’ , so in fact it’s you I order to come to clean up the mess behind me! Of course, you first look at me, and my legs, and had to show you who is the boss and that you just serve me! You’re eyes always get back to me and my ass so I scream on you and order you to stop! I go in the livingroom, and Watch you bringing all the boots to have a good clean up and I begin with fitting 2 paire of thigh high boots! my RED leather dimarni overknee boots, walk for you, tease you and ask you which pair you prefer. ”Both mistress” that was the good response. You don’t choose! You just follow! I fit on the second paire of thigh high boots from 1969, that really match perfectly on my legs and my leather skirt match so perfect too. Seeing my nude feet sliding in these boots is sexy! I allow you to touch your cock after you polish my boots. I thought it would be fun and exciting to tease you while you polish my boots and spread my legs to be sure you couldnt resist to look at my pussy. I was right, you did and I had NO MERCY and whip very hard! He try to touch and had to whip again! I remind him it’s an honnour to polish my boots! I allow him to wank, but then he again tries to touch me, so I whipped him again! And definately, he was NOT allowed to cum anymore! I leave him with his balls full and to finish his job by puttng all my boots back in their place.