Mar 132019


It’s Wednesday and everyone needs a mid-week boost that can help get us all over the hump and rolling into the rest of the week, so what better way to do that than with a sexy big breasted babe with all-natural big tits? Well, fortunately that is exactly what we have here with the lovely and fantastically endowed 32H Sarah Randall, who brings her beaming smile, charming girl-next-door appeal and damn-near perfect big boobs back to our screens. The original theme for this shoot with Sarah was “Thanksgiving” because it has some Thanksgiving-like colors but the bottom line is that Sarah is the kind of gal we can and should give thanks for, i.e. the kind of gal who looks like this and is willing to show of her beautiful big boobs like this, too. Just watching Sarah rub down those awesome big tits with oil is pretty much all we need to get to Friday, so thank you Sarah for a much needed boost!