Nov 022018

Natalya just had great sex with her man. Lizzie knows because Natalya made her stay in the room, under the bed, and listen to it. Now that Natalya’s guy has left, Lizzy can do her part and come out from under the bed to lick Natalya clean. Natalya and her man worked up quite a sweat. It’s Lizzie’s job to lick all the sex sweat from Natalya’s body. Natalya tells Lizzie to start with her armpits. Her armpits always get the sweatiest. Lizzie is very sad. She is jealous of Natalya’s guy and humiliated to have to clean Natalya after him. Natalya loves how pathetic and lovestruck little Lizzie is. She could get the lonely lezzy to do just about anything. But Lizzie has got to understand that she isn’t a man and could never replace one in Natalya’s life. As Lizzie cleans the post-coital sweat from Natalya’s body, she better understands her place in Natalya’s life. Lizzie finishes licking Natalya’s armpits, but she isn’t finished. Lizzie still has to clean up the rest of what Natalya’s man left behind.